The Team


Vallentin Illichmann – German – 18 years old
The young gun of the team, water sport athlete, incredible balance,
some lack of experience but innate desire to acquire broad

Stéphane Pion – French – 43 years old
Most experienced of all, professional kayaker, filmmaker, selfmade
man. Newest of the team in Stand Up Paddling but best
knowledge of river flow and danger.

Mario and Manuel Stecher – German – 35 years old twins
Two sports brothers, with a lot of willpower, they are the most well
known SUP ambassadors in Europe. From lake to ocean, they
start increasing they knowledge about white water SUP.

Nicolas Fayol – French – 34 years old
Well known kayak freestyle athlete, one of the first to develop
white water SUP in France, as athlete, event manager and SUP
brand consultant.

The Route

150km of canyon in a self-sufficiency trip, from the Dinaric Alps of Montenegro to the Bosnia border.

Enjoying this 150km of rivers, we learn about our self. After 8-10 hours of paddling, our days became a routine of finding a campsite, installing tarp, fire and stove, before eating around a warm fire, planning the next day.

Find here our map diaries


The Story

The TARA RIVER goes to the beautiful Danube, but it first needs to cross the TARA GORGE. During 150km our team of paddlers, crossed a deep 1300m gorge, a hidden treasure of Montenegró country, a place where every traveller want to go. A nature temple which only whitewater paddlers can discover. Between Croatia and Albania, 5 Stand Up Paddlers have paddled, for the first time and self-supported the deepest Canyon in Europe, an awesome multi day adventure!

Standing on a small board, in a deep canyon, on their own, five surfers from 2 nationalities attempt for the first time to go from Kolasim to the Monténegro border : 150km of river running. During these 4 days, our paddlers discovered their limits as river Stand Up Paddlers. You will understand why they decided not to cross the Devil’s Gorge, a 4km section of Class IV/V whitewater. Enjoying the 150km of river, they learned about themselves and the group. After 8 to 10 hours of paddling, their days became a routine of finding a campsite, installing tarp and stove before eating around a warm bonfire, planning the next day.

Stéphane Pion and Gilles Reboisson, outdoor specialists, filmed and photographed the journey to document how passion of river and stand up paddling, as well as wilderness and exploration can power up human being, friendship and wisdom.
They want to show how inflatable Stand Up Paddles are adapted for outdoor experiences on self-reliance, if you care about several safety needs.



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